Carte Blanche

Every inspiration starts on blank paper; designer’s ability to materialise a form of life. A challenge where the client inspires, designer expresses, and shipyard forms. As the ultimate source of inspiration is the nature, VYD focuses deeply on the coherence between the client and his surroundings. VYD’s full synchronisation to the client’s mind provides us the ability to make comprehensive research of their future yacht. From this perspective, the perfection doesn’t exist; it is a goal that fuels a never-ending process of adaptation. If nature or anything, was perfect it wouldn’t be evolving.


Nature took its current form after billions of years of evolution, the form is so efficient that it performs and blends in excellently and become the natural as we know. Our expertise is to take advantage of the human objective evolutionary instincts, and design the timeless environment in your yacht. VYD’s yachts appeal to the heart, mind and senses in equal measure, offer light-filled, elegant and comfortable spaces, and ensure their owners, and guests and crew, feel at home at sea.



VYD members are located all around the world from different cultures of design and value; the very distance that makes us apart also unite us in a single product of timeless and flexible design. The studio’s approach is governed by a playful interaction of form and function, intuition and intelligence, and balance and performance. The trained eye looks in vain at, say, a spiral staircase on one of its yachts, for the divide between aesthetic beauty and function. The same applies to every aspect of its creations, and the team members to consider all the elements in concert, so that the interaction becomes seamless.



In every yacht designed by VYD carries the core elements of innovative thinking in every detail. We break down the the ideas and arguments to the most fundamental truth’s of physics and build up from there to form unique designs, implement the latest insights and technologies. Innovation we do at VYD is not simply one unique tool or design with better features but collective tools and designs, featuring the product itself innovative.  VYD team explores, identifies, monitors and connect the collective cultures and ideas; patterns begin to emerge in which they start tapping into long, prior to their arrival in mainstream.

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